F for Fake

That’s kind of overwhelming. As an honest female, this at first sounds quite crazy to me like, someone can sell something fake but they don’t feel guilty at all. Gradually I feel then kind of interesting, they are sort of making people happy although it is against common sense but at least people are happy about these…They say, there’s market, otherwise how could fake tellers exist? Forget about the fake and legal things, just think about those fictions, games, movies…and how people actually enjoy these fake stories so much and can’t resist the imagination within…how true.

I love a lot of the tricky sayings inside. “You can’t trust those experts, there shouldn’t be someone who decide something is good or bad”. It’s a lot of fun seeing how the fake painting are authenticated, seeing how assertive people are, it can be mind-blowing that even they are trained experts, they can be unreliable at all. Thinking about how you believe things, it can be true that something you believed for years right now, can be actually fake as well, you just don’t know it yet.

The movie also revealed a possibility when there could be conspiracy between the art forger and art dealers…They are making money just out of nothing, or only a little things. But how about art? It would also seem like they are doing magic, making a lot of money out of some paint and canvas, just because some people believe in them. I remember the time when I first went to MOMA with some of my friends, when we were at an exhibition of the cubic works of Picasso, we find hardly any relation to our concept of art. It can be something like the Emperor’s New Clothes, when you admit that you can’t appreciate it make you feel like a fool so you just stop making any remark and the state keep the same. But I don’t know, I’m not an expert.

Personally I still can’t cheat people myself, I think there should be some moral bottom line. When people found that they are betrayed because they once believed it and they suffered a great loss of money or mental health, it could bad, even though you made them happy once. What I think acceptable is some more balanced exchange…that you trick them and make them happy, and you get paid because of it for the right amount. I don’t know.


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