"Hello World!"
My name is Wangshu Sun.

I’m an artist among engineers.

I am constantly amazed by the simple beauty of nature – like the elegant curves of flowers, the beautiful pattern of branches and leaves. But at the same time, I can see how physics and geometry play there.

I know that a good product is built up upon technologies. Yet I know, that technology is not just enough. The parameters, even a single pixel, can make a great difference between crude and polished.

Trained in both engineering and interactive art, I’m currently a mobile game developer. And as a hobby, I randomly play with brainwaves, make VR games, draw lolita girls, make meditative music, and simply smile at what I did.

I’m dreaming the weirdest dreams, and I keep trying to bridge them into my reality. That to me, is my best enjoyment.

You can find more info in my resume, or from the links below:

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