"Hello World!"
My name is Wangshu Sun.

I’m an artist among engineers.

I am constantly amazed by the simple beauty of nature – like the elegant curves of flowers, the beautiful pattern of branches and leaves. But at the same time, I can see how physics and geometry play there.

I know that a good product is built up upon technologies. Yet I know, that technology is not just enough. A single pixel, a few milliseconds, can make a great difference between crude and polished.

Trained in both engineering and interactive art, I’m currently a motion game developer at Nex. I’m so happy to be able to continue making motion games and experiences…! Recently we created Peppa Pig: Jump and Giggle, a game that you can really “jump” in the muddy puddles! We got to see the great narrator John Sparkes roll the lines six times in a row with every tone twisted differently…! It was such an honor.

As a hobby, I currently like to create music and perform in a band called DogDays. I’m currently learning electric guitar (to legitimately be loud and angry lol). I still play a lot of video games, recently beat the orphan in BloodBorne! After beating Elden Ring. And I’ve been passionate about the FFXIV Online for years. I still draw sometimes, and still like flowers and fairies and dresses. My experience with the brainwaves and the VR world still come up at times.

I’m dreaming the weirdest dreams, and I keep trying to bridge them into my reality. That to me, is my biggest enjoyment.

You can find me from the links below:

LinkedIn    SoundCloud

or just send me an email 🙂