Thumbelina in the 21st century

There’s an middle aged lady, she has a good work and income in the 21st century. She hasnt married yet, since no man is good enough to interest her. Yet she still wants a child – a little girl. She wants never be tied with another man in a marriage, thus she seeks help from science, and luckily gives birth to the girl she desired, which she names Emily.

Emily is taken good care of from childhood to her teens. She takes schools and lives a wealthy life, except that she has no idea how a father feels.

One day when goes out sightseening, she gets hit in the head. And when she wakes up, she finds herself in a mountainous countryside with no connection to the outside. And her cell phone died out. A man claims to be her husband and urges her to marry him immediately. She says no, then the man and the man’s family tortures her. How could this happen her? So she screams and cries in hope someone would notice.

Luckily it’s the day of merchants and one of them notice that. And he finds her in the slit window in a dark house. The sight he finds her, he falls in love with her and wants to get her. He is very wealthy and provides to offer a lot of money to the village in order to get her back, and he succeeded because the village has not seen so much money before.

Emily is grateful to his rescue, but the merchant says he wants to marry her and forbids her to go back home. She feels like its anyway better than living with the villagemen, and he doesn’t torture her, so she agreed.

So days after she is required to make tiara for marriage for herself. It gets tedious every day that she feels more and more boring thereafter. But the man helped her and she doesn’t want to owe him so much.

The other day she happen to find a battery and eagerly replace it. She secretly calls her mom. Her mom feels so happy about the fact that she’s still alive. But speaking of her marriage, her mom feels doubtful because Emily doesn’t feel a love about the man. She ask her to turn off the phone in case the merchant notices and call her back if she change her mind.

Eventually one day she feel like this cannot keep on