PComp Week 01: iFriend


This is the great prototype that we made at PComp week 1.

How can distant friends hug each other? We designed iFriend to realize this dream!

At first, we want to make a touchable hologram of a distant friend. But soon the question appeared: How can you hug a hologram? At best you can see his/her face and body, but we expect MORE than this 😛

So it came to our mind a real avatar to represent you to your distant friend. It is named iFriend!



It is a big white soft robot like Baymax, that you can hug and send your hug to your friend. On iFriend’s head there’s a big screen for you to see your friend’s face and make it more emotional. To recognize your gestures and transmit it to your distant friend, we have two cameras on iFriend’s head, and additional cameras can be added on the wall of a room to improve precision, too. Some more sensors can be added to the robot to send more information like how hard you hug, how warm your hug is, etc.

Designers: To be completed!


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