[Week03] Assignment: Final Day!

Portal to the game:


If you have some f**king days back dealing with your finals, here is your chance to make some changes.

—————————-spoiler ALERT————————–

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World Design

It is basically a world of students fighting their final tests. Students need to survive in the test due to their social pressure to get a good job in the future; peer pressure and family causes. It can also be personal impulses, the harvest of a whole semester’s study, their desire to show off and impress the girls they love, or to boast in front of parents and friends, or simply out of fear and just want to survive and have a nice vacation.

Teachers make tests to get students evaluated and that’s a discipline cause the more effort you put into, the higher score you will get. If no score is being given students won’t study very hard. Also final test is for some students a chance to cover up the stuff they haven’t done for a whole semester. Some of them don’t pay attention to classes but manage to pass the test just after several days of preparation. Some just never fail because they have a good habit during the semester. Some unfortunately can’t catch up and are not likely to survive unless they devote a lot of effort in the final week.

Besides these hidden presumptions, the conflicts of the world are simplified to the conflict between workload and health, because chances are you need to do a lot of unhealthy deed to save time, stay up to gain more time, in order to finish what you ought to do and survive the test.

Workload & Health

This is a simple narrative choice game design. Basically, you need to make some choices to balance between the intimidating workload with body fitness.

The core concept of this game is, you need to keep a healthy lifestyle during normal days, then no matter what happens you will perform well at last. One or two unhealthy deeds can be acceptable, sometimes harmless, but three would be devastating.

Role of Luck

Apart from choices, I’m interested in the uncertanty of life.

Chances are there could be some uncovered workload, but to maximize the dramatical effect in a single gameplay, I set this chance to be always true, and then the only difference is whether you will realize it during the test, or manage to find it the night before.

The rest part of luck is simple – the healthier you are, the better luck you will have; if you’re very bad conditioned you can have some very bad luck.

Below is the score table for all possible results:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.20.26 AM

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