[week12] Brainwave listening



uncommented “import ddf.minim.*;” in line 19

declared Minim, AudioOutput and Oscil objects

stop data streaming button can also stop sound


change into “public class MenuList extends controlP5.Controller { “ in line 18

to solve ambiguity of class Controller between controlP5 and Minim library

reference: https://processing.org/discourse/beta/num_1210518638.html


It calculates the average alpha and beta wave level from the first two channels (0,1). 

Then it maps the average alpha level to sine wave sound, and beta level to square wave sound.

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    • All eight channels were working fine. In the video I was playbacking a file with only the first two channels recorded. And the reason the use the first two is like that two channels appeared to be sufficient (though scientifically you could use more), and it is an easier hacky way to adapt to different head sizes, since we only had size L at hand (my head was smaller than that but I could still get the first two attached).

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