Creative word design


expressive words-01

Movieexpressive words-02


expressive words-03



My name is Wangshu Sun, though we usually call our last name first so I write these as Sun Wangshu.

Sun Wangshu-01 Sun Wangshu-02 Sun Wangshu-03 Sun Wangshu-04 Sun Wangshu-05 Sun Wangshu-06 Sun Wangshu-07

Can you tell something from these fonts?

Actually the story is, I was a visual girl (Athela), who turned geeky (Courier) afterwards, but I wanted to be stylish again and even more (Didot) !

I want to learn design (Gill Sans)  since I was archaic (Papyrus) , and I WANT design (Kannada).

I’m kind of a Regular and straight-forward girl, however I tried to be.

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