RoleUI/UX designer

Design poster

1. Introduction

As people enter their “senior” years, it becomes some trouble to understand all the nutritions labelled, and how to eat healthily.

Thus we were seeking out a way to solve this problem, and that leads to our design challenge:

How can we motivate the seniors to have better nutrition intake?


2. User Interviews & Profiles

A crucial step is to get to real users and hear what they really think, and adjust our understandings.


3. SET factors analysis – Social, Economic and Technology factors

SET factors analysis provides a method to examine the existing social, economic and technology factors.

Seeing through all the factors helps identifying product opportunity gap (POG), where a new product could fit in and create values.

SET factor analysis



4. Insights



  • Lacking knowledge of food nutritions
  • Eating habits hard to maintain
  • Family and friends can influence a lot for the eating habits
  • Seniors often live afar from their children and have a desire for social.
  • Trendy topics as motivations (workout, fitness meal plan)


  • Cannot afford organic/healthy food but prefer high-cal junk food


  • Technology has gone a lot cheaper, and most people has a private smart phone.
  • Seniors are willing to learn technology if they are offered chance.


5. Our Solution

An mobile phone app to helps:

  1. Easy nutrition intake learning
  2. Healthy recipe sharing
  3. Get motivated by friends


6. Final Poster design

This is a poster showing our design process and solution.

Designed with Illustrator.

Design poster