Stair Brawl

Prototyped a competitive button smashing game, implemented gameplay using C# in Unity, composed background music with GarageBand, designed and fabricated arcade cabinet with plywood using CNC machine.

DateFeb. 2016 - May. 2016
RoleGame Designer, Developer, Producer, Composer
MembersJuan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Xiwei Huang, Wangshu Sun

Stair brawl is a competitive button smashing arcade game.

The idea can be explained as a combination of reaction time test + Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage + PvP fun. Plus later some minimalist design and funny way to stop your opponent (or possibly yourself)


I participated in Unity scripting, music composition with Garageband, and CNC fabrication.

(Final music link:, the one used in video is a funny alpha ver.)


Made in collaboration with Juan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Xiwei Huang.

Special thanks to Michael P. Consoli, the creator of arcade game Nothing Good Can Come Of This. And Mark Kleback, the class instructor.




(Special thanks to Soy for this Pizza Rush reskinning)

(needa better vid w/ new track)