Virtual Retail – KITH

DateJun 2021

What would happen if the social aspects were introduced into conventional online shopping experience? Imagining KITH as a multi-users based online virtual store for customizable fashion goods within the digitally reproduced Scholastic Building in Soho, I compose my thesis as a satire to present and examine the interiors of e-commerce retailer and aims to educate my users of how shopping reinforced social differentiations. – Yijun Zhou

Virtual Retail Design – KITH is the thesis project of interior designer Yijun Zhou.

In this project, I helped out developing the clothes changing system in Unity, so that a player of different body sizes can equip with the same style of clothing of their corresponding sizes.

I also created different character bodies in Mixamo based on body fat references, textured and exported various design of the clothings to suit the futuristic feeling.

NPC demoing clothes changing
Body selection: Male / Female, S, M, L, XL
Player changes their clothes by clicking on the item.
Auto import character and update texture / meshes; load clothing assets dynamically by body type and item id.
Texture export needs to be in special format in order to work with Unity…
Thanks to Mixamo, character rigging was just a few clicks.
Character creation in Mixamo, with body fat references