A music box that helps improvise with random melodies

Juan José Egúsquiza made this beautiful video, and I was the player of the instrument.

We designed this music box that can give you inspiration by generating random melodies, and also allow you to play as you wish. In this video, I combined the random melodies with improvised melodies to make a whole music piece.

My role:

  • built circuits to acquired data from a soft pot and a force sensor by Arduino, and send then via serial communication to p5.js
  • developed a program that can map the input to melodies using p5.js, a touch event from force sensor is mapped to random tones, and a touch event from soft pot is mapped to a tone with certain frequency according to where you touch it (like a piano).
  • made a visualization of the frequencies and intensity of each tone using p5.js
  • designed and made the wooden box with laser cutter