An experience design – phone your home

My role:

  • work together with PHP programmer
  • grab the paths of all images uploaded to server from their mobile phones
  • made a visualization feeling like all images fleeting in the space, with the help of p5.js.

Portal to the sketch:

You can fake sending them by hitting ‘\’ on your keyboard.



from Carter Emhart, TED

Watching Carter’s great visualization of the universe, when the Earth is too tiny to be seen even in the solar system, not to mention the Milky Way, not to mention the vast universe that consists of at least a hundred billion galaxies, it really makes you wonder –  where is our mother Earth? It really makes you homesick.

Are we alone in the universe? Will they understand our feelings about home?


Idea – Phone Your Home

As the technology evolves, interstellar transmission is no longer the privilege of the authorities. So why don’t we make our own version of the Golden Record, and phone our notion of home to the space?

Thus, we designed this experience for our classmates.



Students are allowed to upload an image that could invoke their feeling of home by accessing a webpage through their mobile phone.

屏幕快照 2015-12-15 下午1.11.35

Once an image was received, it would automatically be added on the screen and start sailing around with random size and speed, and the newest image will appear on the topmost layer.

屏幕快照 2015-12-15 下午1.10.34

Once everyone was ready, we started count down and invited our professor Nancy to hit on the Big Red button, then all the images flied up into the universe, and disappeared.

Not long later, all the images were actually sent into space via an interstellar transmission service.

Everyone was so excited to make their pictures show up and be seen. Overall it created a good experience for everyone to think about their treasured memories.



This presentation is the great outcome of teamwork. Everyone was interested and had a share of contribution.

Naichen and Jordan developed the idea of home and Golden Record, and wrote our great script,

Rebecca designed the presentation slides,

Dhruv made the shiny big red button,

I borrowed some PHP code that enabled image uploading and processing, then wrote the p5.js code to animate all the images on screen.



You can still see the presentation below, and fake sending them by hitting ‘\’ on your keyboard:

This is our ITP 2017 Golden Record.

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