Plantmeng – website prototyping

Prototyping of a part-time job website featuring online date(s) selection. Designed with Axure.

DateAug. 2015
RoleUI/UX Designer
MembersWangshu Sun


Plantmeng is a web app aiming at offering part time job opportunities online.

The client emphasized on 1. a calendar widget so that users can select which dates they are available; 2. a level system so that some quests only for high-level users according to their working history, and 3. a point currency earned each time completing a quest, that can redeem for real-world items.

My web prototype design has answered all these three questions. There are 31 pages in total showing possible conditions and interfaces. Some of the design files are shown below:


Front Page

Site intro and sign in/ sign up:


Job listings

Calendar widget that filters job listings:


Job description

[step 1] calendar widget showing available dates:


[step 1] apply for job on selected dates on calendar widget:


[step 1] fail if level not enough, otherwise success:


[step 2] Awaiting confirmation:


[step 4] payment/point confirmation:


User profile

User profile, job history and point redeem history:


Points, point history and redeem history:


Point redeem shop

Items and costs of points:


Redeem points for selected item to the selected address